Check out the latest quarterly publication from OneRoof featuring our market brief by Jo Green.
“Winter is upon us which traditionally sees a lull in the housing market, coupled with an election year, we generally expect an overall slowing while we wait to see who wins the ministerial seats. Politics and weather aside the latest statistics from Real Estate Institute of New Zealand are shining a positive light in Northland for May 2023 with a small but significant rise in the median house price of 2.1% when compared to the previous month of April.
First home buyers are entering into the market with more confidence since the relaxing of the loan-to-value ratios and interest rates stabilising. The most active buyer pool is the owner occupier, who often need to sell their property in order to purchase, which can be a nerve-wracking time for both parties as the buyer works towards an unconditional sale within the agreed time frame. Vendors are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity of price adjustments to meet the market, and of course, if you are selling and buying in the same market it isn’t such a painful decision to reach, enabling you to move forward with your plans to downsize, upsize or whatever your next move may be.
Whatever the market, whatever the season, when planning to sell your home it’s extremely important to have all your ducks in a row for a swift and agreeable sale. Those ducks start with a professional real estate salesperson with whom you have great rapport and trust implicitly to do their best by you to achieve a premium price. They will work with you, starting with ensuring presentation is on point, recommending the best method of sale for your personal circumstance, and implementing a powerful marketing campaign with exposure across all platforms; the real estate website portals, digital and social channels, print, signage and of course outstanding professional photos/video. Our purpose is to make your property the juiciest peach on the tree by attracting as many active and passive buyers as possible to create competition. This will drive the price, and result in the most advantageous outcome for you.”